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Aura Allure Xena – Click & Tan Spray tan Gun

Aura Allure Xena Spray tan gun Click and Tan for the popular Aura Allure Xena spray tan device.

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Click & Tan Spray tan gun for the popular Aura Allure Xena spray tan device.

With the new Aura Allure Xena Click & Tan spray tan gun, you no longer need to unhook the hose from the device for your customer to be able to blow dry.

With Aura's Click & Tan, you can easily disconnect the front end of the gun from the handle to activate the drying mode. The gun's nozzle features Flow-control and Non-clog Technology, which reduces the risk of a clogged nozzle and provides a very fine and even flow of pigment.

The Aura Allure Xena spray tan gun is easy to handle and can be turned in different directions while spraying. With precision, you can offer your customer a tan with perfect results.
The Aura Allure Xena has three detachable parts, which are easy to disassemble and reassemble – making it the easiest gun to clean available on the market.

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